Women Medical and Dental College Abbottabad is a community of students, teachers and staff dedicated to accomplish their duties at the highest standards. Quality Enhancement Cell at WM&DC is responsible to ensure high standards of education at all levels of study through an affective, consistent and innovative setup of Quality Enhancement Mechanism. QEC also supervises and facilitate quality assurance activities of academic departments.

QEC at WM&DC is committed to ensure quality as per the standards in our academic and research programs, students, teachers and processes. QEC is constantly working to enhance the quality in every department.

• Implement the self-assessment system.
• Set up and maintain a system of Quality Assurance, primarily designed for all the stakeholders.
• Efficient use of Quality Assurance processes for the assessment of the functioning of the faculty and quality of courses.
• Set standards in terms of knowledge, skills and attributes a student acquires on completing a particular program.
• Operate Quality management system at departmental level.