Department of Medical Education and Research

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The Department of Medical Education and Research aims to provide quality education, personal and professional development, evidence-based research, and innovative learning opportunities to the students and faculty to serve the wider community.


We envision the Department of Medical Education & Research to evolve as a center of excellence to empower health professions learners nationally and internationally, especially women, through collaborative learning opportunities.
Furthermore, the values & Motto for the Department of Medical Education & Research (DMER) were discussed



Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Dr. M. Abdullah Qazi


Head of Department, Assistant Professor, Medical Education & Research

Dr. M. Abdullah Qazi completed his Masters in Medical Education (MMEd) and PhD in Medical Education from the University of Dundee (UoD), UK. He was a postgraduate tutor for the MMEd course in the UoD, UK, and mentor in the Oxford International Digital Institute, UK. He has also been involved in several projects in the UK related to health professions education including postgraduation medical education course development, quality enhancement, and online teaching and learning.


BDS, MMEd, PhD Scholar (UoD, UK)

Skills and Expertise

Clinical, classroom, and online teaching and learning, assessment, medical education research, curriculum development, leadership training, quality assurance, faculty development, mentoring programs, and student empowerment for undergraduate and postgraduate health professions training programs. His research interest lies in gender studies, equality, diversity, and inclusion, specifically the career progression of female health professionals in Pakistan and the barriers and enablers they face, as well as online teaching and learning. Currently, he is working as the Head of Department, Department of Medical Education & Research, Women Medical & Dental College.