Forensic Medicine DEPARTMENT

Forensic Medicine is the branch of medical science that deals with the application of medical knowledge for the purpose of law. It is about teaching and training in the field of Medico-legal duties and work. It is the most important subject of medical sciences since without it the judicial system of the country will collapse.
The department in WMC consists of a purpose-built lecture hall with all modern facilities including multimedia, well equipped lab and museum.


Name of faculty with Reg. No and qualification

Two  Assistant Professor or above

Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad,MBBS,M.Sc.  DMJ II(a&b) 3458-N, 8063/3458-N/M

Dr. Mahwish Zeb, MBBS.M.Phil, 16599-N, 11665/16599-N/M

Dr.Ghulam Mohuyudin M.Phill (2 years DMJ) Forensic Medicine PMC Reg No.7703-N



1.     Dr. Kazim Gardezi, MBBS, R.No.26024-P, 11644/2604-N/M

2.     Dr.Khuwaja Amna Khan MBBS. 746666-03-M

3.     Dr.Sidra Khan MBBS 31060-N


Lab. Tech/ Assistant

Asif Mahmood

Stenographer/ Comp: Operator

Nazim Aziz Awan


Muhammad Riaz