Pathology department is a bridge between basic medical sciences and clinical subjects. It is considered the backbone of medicine. It aims to understand the nature, cause and consequences of diseases through examination of blood and tissue specimens. It has four branches –histopathology, chemical pathology, hematology and microbiology. This department provides diagnostic services. The goal of department of pathology is to impart quality pathology education to the undergraduate’s student from 1styear to 4th year MBBS. Department has well equipped lab where students are trained to perform laboratory test and other required procedures.


Name of faculty with Reg.No and qualification

Professor(1 each in Haem/ Micro/ /Ch.Patho/ Histo-pathology

1.     Prof. Dr. Fazle Raziq, MBBS, M.Phil., 7809/1256-N/M, 1256-N (Histo-pathologist)

2.     Dr. Maryam Riaz, MBBS, M.Phil, 456/40915-P/M, 40915-P (Microbiologist)




Assoc prof. (1 each in Haem/ Micro/ /Ch.Patho/ Histo-pathology

Dr. Henna Khalid, MBBS, M.Phil, 11383-N, (Histo-pathologist)



Atleast 1 Assoc prof.Micro-biology or above

Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid, MD, DHPM, Dip in Dermatology, M.Phil. 6697-N, 24820/6697-N/M (Microbiologist)


Atleast 1 Assoc.Prof. of Chemical-Path.

1.Dr. Hassan Ikram, MBBS,M.Phil. (Chemical Pathology)

Reg.60527-P, 22436/60527-P/M

Atleast 1 Assoc.Prof. of Hematology

Dr. Muhammad Kaleem, MBBS, M.Phil, 13990-N, (Hematologist) 30194/13990-N/M

Atleast 1 Asstt.Prof of Histopathology or above


Atleast 1 Asstt.Prof of Microbiology or above

Dr.Muhammad Azeem Khan MBBS, M.Phil (microbiology) 13377-N

Atleast 1 Asstt.Prof of Chemical Pathology or above.

Dr. Saba Shafiq MBBS, M.Phil 23370-N (Chemical Pathology)

Atleast 1 Asstt.Prof of Haemotology or above.


Dr. Sara Ali Jadoon, MBBS, M.Phil.

(Hematologist) , 19835-N





1.     Dr. Ibadullah Khan, MBBS, 7420-N 11974/7420-N/M,

2.     Dr. Sumera Javed, MBBS,11649/13550-N/M, B-13550-N

3.     Dr.  Abdul Haseeb Khan, MBBS,20487-N, 23245/20487-N/M

4.     Dr. Talat Bahadar, MBBS, 6394-N, 14848/6394-N/M

5.     Dr. Ayesha Shahid, MBBS,88018-N,

6.     Dr. Sidra Maqbool Jan, MBBS,20821-N,


1.     Dr. Sumayya Yousaf, BDS, 19029-D,

2.     Dr.Sidra Khan, B-27485-D


Lab. Tech/ Assistant

1.       Muhammad Zardad

2.       Muhammad Javed

3.       Kashif Khan

4.       Mrs. Sadia Nadeem

Stenographer/ Computer Operator

Faisal Khan


Nadeem Ahmed

*Curator of Museum

Miss Nadia Rani

Miss Riffat Shaheen