Research Cell

Vision & objective

The research cell aims to develop a conducive environment for research at WM&DC, by facilitating researchers, faculty and students for research and produce quality research.

About research cell

Research cell functions under the Department of Medical Education of Women Medical and Dental College Abbottabad and focuses on providing basic support to faculty and researchers by providing strategic support and by identifying research funding opportunities and aims and ambition following the research Ethics. Research cell also focuses on providing extra incentives and research productivity budgets on quality research.

Faculty Profiles

Asst. Prof. Dr Syed Rizwan Shah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rizwan is the youngest, most talented and determined specialist, who is well adored by the students and colleagues alike due to his positive attitude and professional skills. He started...

Dr. Tariq Saeed


Dr. Zahid Gul Jadoon

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sher Ali Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Raheel Jahangir

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Nawaz


Dr. Javed Sawar


Dr. Faisal Pasha

Associate Professor

Dr. Yasmeen Bibi


Prof Dr Zardad Muhammad


Paedeatrics Research field Infectious diseases

Dr Bilal Zaman Babar

Dental Materials

Prof Dr Fahad Saqib Lodhi

Community Medicine

Dr. Atif Hussain

Dr. Atif Hussain MBBS, MPhil Anatomy, MPH, DA, CHPE, CHR Associate Professor Anatomy Women Medical and Dental College Abbottabad List of Publications

Dr. Salma Aslam Kundi

Research field: Physiology

Dr Ommia kalsoom

Assoc. Professor Physiology