Physiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of function of human body. Physiology provide basis for understanding function of organs, system of human body and underlying mechanism that provide the physiological basis of disease & treatment.  Physiology will be taught during first two years of MBBS and 1st year of BDS. The department of physiology includes the team of experienced and dedicated teacher. It also has well equipped lab with latest & modern gadgets and apparatus where students can learn different skills.

Name of faculty with Reg. No and qualification


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yousaf, MBBS, M.Phil, 1853-N, 2232/1853-N/M

Associate Prof.

Prof. Dr. Salma Aslam Kundi, MBBS, M.Sc.(Physiology)

Reg-2893-N, 12402/2893-N/M

Assistant Professors

1. Dr. Ommia Kalsoom, M.Sc, Ph.D 2532/Non Medical/M

2.Dr.Sidra Arshad MBBS, M.Phil(Physiology) Reg.No. 55902-P


1). Dr. Shaheen Khattak, MBBS,  15273-N, 11663/15273-N/M

2). Dr. Shazia Ayub, MBBS,  8775-N, 2486/8775-N/M

3). Dr. Sahar Jaffri, MBBS,17180-N, 10654/17180-N/M

4). Dr. Bothina Qayyum, MBBS, 17035-N,14291/17035-N/M

5). Dr. Nadia Qamar, MBBS,  9630-N, 10916/9630-N/M

6). Dr.Shahbano Shabir Khan Reg.720898-03-M

1) Dr.Kinza Hassan,BDS,Reg.No 2256-D

2) Dr.Kashmala Khan, BDS,Reg.No16733-D



Lab. Tech/ Assistant

1. Mr. Shuja Muhammad

2. Miss Shahabia


Mr. Sajid

Stenographer/ Computer Operator

Mrs. Shahzana Bano