The subject of anatomy is one of the basic subject of medical sciences which is taught in the first and second year of MBBS and BDS program. The course within the domain include general anatomy, histology, embryology, regional or gross anatomy and neuro anatomy. The anatomy department of women medical college comprised of dissection hall equipped with all necessities, museum, well equipped histology lab.

Requirement of PMC

Name of faculty with Reg. No and qualification

At least one Professor of Anatomy

Dr. Atif Hussain, MBBS, M.Phil, MPH Reg-17051-N,


At least one Associate Professor

Dr. Sadaf Shaheen, MBBS, M.Phil.R-48101-S, 14888/48101-S/M

At least Two Assistant Professors or above.


Associate  Professor

Dr. Nida Qasim Balouch, BDS, M.Sc.(Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) UHS-2017 .Reg.No.5743-D, 2446/5743-D/M


1.Dr. Adeela Ejaz, MBBS, 6927-N, 12288/6927-N/M

2.Dr. Momina Badar BDS, Reg.24471-D

3.Dr. Hina Asif, MBBS.Reg-26010-N, 32590/26010-N/M

4.Dr. Shanzeih Sameeh, MBBS, R-34994-N,157539/34994-N/M

5.Dr. Momina Sohail, MBBS Reg.No.5782-AJK

6.Dr.Miftah Khalid, MBBS, Reg.No.745221-03-M


1.        Dr. Momina Shakoor, BDS Reg.20697-D,, 30995/20697-D/D

2.        Dr.Kushbakht, BDS Reg.721838-03-D

Dissection Hall Attendant

1.     Muhammad  Ilyas

2.     Muhammad Zaman

Curator of Museum

Miss Saira Ilyas

Lab. Tech/ Asstt.

1.     Faiza Ilyas

2.     Muhammad Rafi.

Stenographer/ Computer Operator

Mr. Nadeem.