“The ladder to success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity and there is no better way than participating in competitions to grab these auspicious opportunities.”

From the worldly affairs, we dived into the mystic realm of divine energy radiating to every corner when the students of Women Medical and Dental College, Abbottabad gathered under one roof to compete for Qirat and Naat competitions which were followed by the debate competition in the chilled month of November 2018.
The ceremony was inaugurated with the recitation of the beautiful verses from Quran-e-Pak. All of the students were exceptional and were appreciated for their confidence after their performances. The judges were assigned the responsibility to evaluate the results for all these competitions.


Meanwhile, the Annual Naat Competition commenced with the same heavenly zest. The competition proceeded with back to back beautifulNaats’ voiced by the students which made the atmosphere effulgent in the sacred affection shared by us all for the Prophet (P.B.U.H). With this, the competition wrapped up and the judges were again given the responsibility to decide the winners of the respective competition.
After a short while, the Bilingual Debate Competition commenced with absolute zeal. As per the format, all the students were assigned two topics and each participant had to debate either “In Favor” or “Against” the assigned topic. The opening of the competition started with the Debates in English and the two topics assigned in this were:


1. The changing face of the modern family
2. Dear Mother Earth, we will go down together.
After the laudable performances by the students, the Principal appreciated the ardent participants for the zeal and zest with which they participated. DrAzharJadoon (Managing Director WM&DC) addressed students and esteemed the participants. He shared his views on the importance of such extracurricular events. The winners of each competition were announced and awarded the merit certificates for their exceptional talents.


Such salubrious competitions lead to a sense of cooperation among the students and enable the students to showcase their skills in various fields other than the monotonous curriculum and as expected, the competition proved fruitful in the same spirit.