As the college thrummed with overpowering energy and melodious laughter blanketed the college with music and the aroma of food, the sunny morning of 27th November marked the opening event of WMC funfair.

The event was hosted by the hardworking staff of the Medical Education Department and organized to near perfection by the students of Women Medical and Dental College. The event was blazoned up with the presence of Miss MominaBasit (Member Provincial Assembly) as Chief Guest. The college was embellished with 14 colourful stalls advertising cultures, games and with the aroma of food wafting through the air. After beings received and welcomed by Dr Aziz Ur RehmanYousafzai, DrNeelofar, DrJasim and Dr Abdullah, chief guest a visit to the entire program.
With music adding energy to the event, she visited each of the 14 stalls, exchanged words and had lovely short talks with the representatives of the stalls. She seemed amused as she tried the food, the games and every exciting activity the funfair offered. A contagious smile constantly adorned her face while the students relayed the ideas and inspirations behind the stalls they had set up. Even though there were 14 stalls, only two winners were selected which were announced by DrJasim. 1st prize was won by ‘D.I Khan Stall’ represented by Hoorwish Malik, Zoonash Malik, Tuba Tahir and Ayesha Saddiqua. 2nd position was given to ‘Gilgit Stall’ represented by Ammara and HiraMehmood.
The main idea behind organizing the funfair was to give students practical knowledge of business, to enhance their skills of public communication and to allow them to enjoy the day to the fullest. The event was rendered as the best day of the session by students.