Dr. Yasmeen Bibi

MBBS, MPhil Physiology (NUST), PhD Scholar (Physiology)
Email ID:,


A passionate teacher working for female empowerment through imparting knowledge to students of WMDC and WILRS.
Joined Women Medical & Dental College as Assistant Professor, Physiology (2010)
Professor of Physiology (since 2019)
Head of Department, BDS Physiology, Dental Section, WMDC (since 2015)

Member, Pakistan Physiology Society
Peer reviewer, Pakistan Journal of Physiology
Teaching Experience of Physiology for more than 10 years (in Army Medical College, Women Medical & Dental College and Women Institute of Learning & Rehabilitation Sciences)

Five years experience as Medical Officer in General Medicine & Pediatrics in Rehmat Memorial Hospital & Women and Children Hospital, Abbottabad (2010-2015)

Expertise & Skills

Dr Yasmeen’s research contributions are in the field of Exercise Physiology & Diabetes using Data Acquisition System. She has also research contributions in Pediatric Healthcare. Currently, her research areas include Neurosciences and Cancer.

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